Learn About My Cause

Hello everyone,

As most of you know, I practice Falun Dafa, a mind and body self-improvement practice based on three universal principles, truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance. I usually start my day with the five sets of Falun Dafa exercises, including meditation, and it has made me a better person, both healthier and happier.

The practice started spreading in China in 1992, and within six years, there were 70 to 100 million people practicing. In 1999, the Chinese communist party leader launched a crackdown on the practice and spread propaganda about the meditation. 

Upon learning about the Chinese communist regime’s human rights abuses on Falun Dafa practitioners, I felt an urgency to let more people know the truth of what’s happening and have been raising awareness on this injustice ever since.

There’s no freedom of belief and free conscience under their regime. Evil forces in detention camps torture practitioners to renounce their beliefs to this day. Investigations also reveal live organ harvesting of practitioners’ organs often when they’re still conscious and alive as the ones in power profit off the vast black market for organ transplants.

As the saying goes, “Where there is virtue there is vice.” 

Today Falun Dafa is being practiced freely in over 100 countries and regions. Many people have personally experience the physical and mental wellness this brings, myself included. 

If you want to educate yourself on this, there are a bunch of informative documentaries dedicated to revealing the truth here: https://tv.faluninfo.net

So what can we do to help stop this? Here’s a list of actionable items: https://faluninfo.net/help-falun-gong-take-action/