22 Things I Learned in 2022

  1. When circumstances look like they’re going to break you, they actually never do. Instead, you become a bigger vessel. It’s like when you’re hit with the virus, your body creates antibodies. When something feels overwhelming, it’s only increasing your capacity and enabling you to do greater things.
  2. Let go of fear. Fear limits us from what we are capable of doing in life. Yet to let go of it you have to face it first and acknowledge that you have fear. Only then can you release it.
  3. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Being vulnerable is what brings us together.
  4. Balance is very important. Keep everything in moderation.
  5. You really need yourself the most, so take care of yourself, appreciate who you are. If you are confident in yourself then no one can take it away from you.
  6. Stop chasing things in life and twist the reality for your wants and desires. Let it go and wait, just be an observer of what life has to offer. See where the path leads.
  7. Be appreciative of whatever comes your way.
  8. It’s ok to do nothing.
  9. Never stop self reflecting.
  10. Be one with the universe. Flow with it.
  11. Separate your self from what’s happening around you. You can listen and have your own understanding/opinion of it. And in that, you’ll vibe with some things that genuinely interest you. Dig deeper and filter through what’s important to you. Find out how it makes you feel – happy, sad, or angry? Then figure out why you feel that way.
  12. Be the anchor of your life – you are the one steering the wheel. Nothing exists if you don’t exist. Cherish yourself.
  13. Be selfless. We can consciously choose to be selfless and not just feed ourselves but try to give back as well – whether it be giving back to family, society, or the earth we live on.
  14. Don’t over apologize.
  15. Try new things, don’t hesitate. Max to max, things will not go well. But it’s ok, at least you took the risk to know that it will not go well, so you’re in a better place than before.
  16. Be forgiving, not just to others but to yourself.
  17. There are a lot of wonderful things in the world but not all of them belong to us.
  18. Talk to yourself as well as others.
  19. Learn better communication.
  20. Travel more stress less.
  21. Be grateful for the food on the table.
  22. Don’t take everything personally, welcome feedback and criticism. It’s only going to improve yourself as a whole.
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