I am Pooja Mor

& This Blog is About Life

Working as a fashion model has given me the privilege of traveling to many countries with diverse cultures for the past five years. On an ongoing basis, I observe how each place has its history that builds a unique way of life, and it continues to inspire me. Each culture, aged like fine wine in the barrels of history, is a gift that affects our life and spirit by elevating our thinking.

Over the years, I have realized just how important our mental health is. We can possess many material things, but we can never enjoy them if we are not in a good state of mind. This realization has brought me deep into the world of self care.

Through personal experiences, I have observed how thoughts can manifest and affect the environment around us. This knowledge has existed over the years as philosophers sought out higher truths of life. From Socrates, Gandhi, to Laozi, their debates about their understandings elevate our thinking and bring us to a better realm of thought.

Philosophy is like a river

It flows through my life and helps me in various situations. Even though my life in New York is fast-paced, the understandings I have gained throughout the years preserves my spirit and has kept me grounded.

In my life’s journey, I aspire to deepen my understanding of the world and, in the process, share it with you. The stories I share on this blog come from reflections I have in daily life situations. Each of our life journeys brings about unique understandings, and I can’t wait to hear your stories.

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